Team Members

Darryl’s interest in working in radio started in 2010, when he became friends with and a fan of a western internet based radio station in Dahab, Egypt, Radio Sinai Live. After moving to Dahab he started as a co host, during the station’s flagship show ‘Divetime’, then moving on to present his own show Want […]

Stan is our weatherman, bringing a smile to all the team’s faces when his weather report is on air, always comes to the station with a spring in his step (apart from when hungover) A keen presenter, who even came round to the station pre launch whilst working on resolving technical issues to see if […]

Dick’s involvement with Kampot Radio dates back to 2016, when the project was solidified to happen and shared his thoughts and advice over a crate of beer or 10. In addition to presenting, Dick’s got magical ears for music and a great mind making his knowledge of music invaluable. He advises not only on station […]

Mike’s radio career started here in Cambodia at a radio station in Sihanoukville. Having now moved to Kampot with a keen interest in both music and radio presenting he fits in very well with the team. His tastes in music are diverse, but is a big fan of blues, rock and country

In addition to being one of our Voiceover Artists, Haylie presents Haylies Heady Morning Mix

It’s all Dave’s fault… His radio career started in 2007 in Dahab, Egypt where he presented The Eclectic Shisha Show on Radio Sinai Live, he became friends with Darryl soon after and got him hooked on radio. Often with a theme, often eclectic.

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Randal is our news presenter. With years of experience as a journalist, Randal brings an outstanding level of professionalism to the team

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