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Mike’s radio career started here in Cambodia at a radio station in Sihanoukville. Having now moved to Kampot with a keen interest in both music and radio presenting he fits in very well with the team. His tastes in music are diverse, but is a big fan of blues, rock and country

Steve brings Kampot Radio many years of experience from working in community radio in Cairns, Australia during the 90’s at 4CCR. With his range of knowledge of music and presenting style, you are guaranteed his show will be enjoyable to listen to.

Paddy grew up just outside the beautiful romantic brewing town [and home of Marmite] of Burton on Trent in the East Midlands of England. He has been described on TripAdvisor™ as a “fly by night fob off merchant” and “not a very nice man” so we thought he would be perfect to host our 2 […]

Cheerful earful Tony Pycroft is our flexi-time presenter who sometimes blesses us with his presence in between globe trotting to exotic destinations. Although this makes it difficult to schedule shows, it does mean when he’s in Kampot he is often armed with monster munch crisps, dry roasted peanuts and cables for the station manager. Tony […]

I first discovered Kampot Radio when I came to Cambodia to play the 2017 Kampot Readers and Writers Festival. I didn’t know when or where I’d play. I got thrown on last minute – ‘don’t worry, it’s Cambodia’ time – and just before I walked on stage I was told in a thick Manchester accent, […]

Ant’s had a keen interest in working in radio for many years and is possibly the first seed planter of the birth of Kampot Radio in 2014 during a drinking session in Bodhi Villa with Darryl. Ant’s interest in music and entertaining over the decades has culminated in him performing in several bands and now […]

Dan’s involvement with Kampot Radio began in summer 2017, whilst on an internship for the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival. Dan approached us with a friend wanting to do a parody commentary live to a sporting event, whilst sat in a sports bar in Kampot. That didn’t happen, but what did was a radio presenter […]

Max has experience working in Radio in his home country, France and follows in the footsteps of his Father. In addition to co-hosting with Ant Colloff, Max also brings us his music flair with his own show in addition to being a popular character on the Kampot music scene.

In addition to being one of our Voiceover Artists, Haylie also presented a show. Now out of town, but still flying the Kampot Radio flag

DJ Scamper – aka Tolly / tolldiggitydog  is the UK bassist for Cambodian Space Project and CSP Mothership as well as making an appearance on a few tracks of the Bokor Mountain Magic Band. Scamper is looking to come back out to Cambodia and if you would like to him to play a set at your […]

Darryl’s interest in working in radio started in 2010, when he became friends with and a fan of a western internet based radio station in Dahab, Egypt, Radio Sinai Live. After moving to Dahab he started as a co host, during the station’s flagship show ‘Divetime’, then moving on to present his own show Want […]

When younger, I was a firefighter in the United States Air Force. I became the Fire Communication officer and had to broadcast weather info, fire conditions, etc. Between bulletins I played music with some info about the bands etc. At the end of my military service I used my soldier scholarship to go to radio […]

With experience in radio presenting at a Khmer radio station in Siem Reap, Chara brings her professionalism to Kampot Radio and introduces us to popular Khmer music with the guideline of happy song

A keen and reliable presenter, who even came round to the station pre launch whilst working on resolving technical issues to see if we were ready to broadcast. Stan likes spinning some good old tunes and the odd bit of Katy Perry! Stan is our weatherman, bringing a smile to all the team’s faces when […]

It’s all Dave’s fault… His radio career started in 2007 in Dahab, Egypt where he presented The Eclectic Shisha Show on Radio Sinai Live, he became friends with Darryl soon after and got him hooked on radio. Often with a theme, often eclectic.

Emanating from Stockport, England. Home of a viaduct, 2 McDonalds, pound shops and some smashed up bus shelters that smell of pee, we present Al Hicks. Comparable to the littlest hobo for wandering from town to town. When Al Hicks boomerangs back to the pot he graces us with his errrms, dead rat Grylls hunting […]

Julien Poulson is a Guest Presenter at Kampot Radio and brings his decades of experience and success from within the music industry and the arts. In the early days, Julien would call round to the station to help us empty the beer fridge and do the occasional interview. These days, in addition to emptying the […]

Dick’s involvement with Kampot Radio dates back to 2016, when the project was solidified to happen and shared his thoughts and advice over a crate of beer or 10. In addition to presenting, Dick’s got magical ears for music and a great mind making his knowledge of music invaluable. He advises not only on station […]

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