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We are keen to promote new material, bands and artists. We receive studio mastered material from well known bands and also demo tapes made by an artist in their bedroom. Whatever it may be, if you have recordings that are suitable to air (radio edit – no profanity) and you would like us to preview, please complete the form below. Due to email size limits, please use one of the cloud services (NOT GOOGLE), we recommend Dropbox (free). Keep the files there for at least 1 month.

Please make sure your submitted material at least has Artist Name and Track Title (metadata / ID3 tags filled in properly). These details appear on our radio player. We recommend the free program MP3Tag for editing them.

Our preferred format for broadcasting is Mp3 320 kbps. Free program Audacity can help you out here if you need to edit / convert your files.

If you want to capture our attention quickly, you can also include a short recorded message in mp3 format to introduce yourself to our listeners. At the very least you want to say “Hi my name is … and you’re listening to Kampot”, but feel free to add your own flair.

If you struggle doing any of this, still feel free to get in touch and tell us what you are having problems with.

Be sure to give us some background information on you /  your band, your material and of any connection you may have to Cambodia / Kampot or our station if applicable. There’s a good chance our presenters will refer to this when playing it.

Previewing material is one of the side tasks a few of the radio team do, so please bear in mind we are a small independent radio station with limited staff, but we will get round to listening to your submission  and endeavor to respond to you within 1 month.

We will not redistribute your material or make copies unless for internal use.

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