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Tuesday 12:00 pm 2:00 pm
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Saturday 12:00 pm 2:00 pm

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Join Darryl and occasional guest Co Host Chara for The Afternoon Show

A massive mix up of rock, indie, pop including Cambodian, Asian and western world tunage. Usual format is 1st hour Classic / Psychedelic / Garage rock from the 60's / 70's, then moving on to the more modern material.

Don't like one song? Hang around for the next, it might be more your thing but as always we are open for requests and feedback.

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The Lunchbox crew

Darryl’s interest in working in radio started in 2010, when he became friends with and a fan of a western internet based radio station in Dahab, Egypt, Radio Sinai Live. After moving to Dahab he started as a co host, during the station’s flagship show ‘Divetime’, then moving on to present his own show Want […]

With experience in radio presenting at a Khmer radio station in Siem Reap, Chara brings her professionalism to Kampot Radio and introduces us to popular Khmer music with the guideline of happy song

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