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Julien Poulsons’s “Asian Garage Underground" is an exhilarating 2-hour live radio program that is broadcast and syndicated on Kampot Radio.

As founder and lead guitarist of the legendary Cambodian Space Project, Poulson draws on his extensive experience of touring, recording and crate diggin’ across Asia and beyond. His Asian Garage Underground is a mix of the ‘then and now’ – the real, wild, raw, alien! sounds of the underground.

Poulson’s eclectic show is a cosmic rendezvous – beaming out an electrifying mix of garage, space rock, psychedelic, jungle, big beat, tripped-out ethno sounds – from the familiar to the weird – from some of the least known and unexpected corners of the Asian planet.

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Julien Poulson is a Guest Presenter at Kampot Radio and brings his decades of experience and success from within the music industry and the arts. In the early days, Julien would call round to the station to help us empty the beer fridge and do the occasional interview. These days, in addition to emptying the […]

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