Since April 2017, 11 bands / singers from the cream of the Cambodian music scene have made a studio recording of an Iggy Pop track. Many of the recordings took place at Oscar Bar on Street 104 in Phnom Penh

“I am totally down with what you want to do, so please consider that a blessing from me.” – Iggy Pop

The album is soon to be released and is compiled by Julien Poulson and Jason Shaw of The Cambodian Space Project

Production of the album has hit many a pot hole in the road. The biggest one being ‘The Night of the Iguana’

Towards the end of the recording sessions in Phnom Penh in 2017, Sound Engineer Jason Shaw woke up to his hotel door wide open and the crown jewels of the recording equipment including all the master recordings that many bands had spent an eternity of sweat passion and dedication to deliver their best – all stolen!

Due to prior commitments, both Julien and Jason had to leave the country and left the case in the hands of the police to resolve.

Kampot Radio’s Darryl Carter was still on scene though as he’d been field recording the studio sessions and having seen all what had been put into the recordings and the impact of the loss being beared by the Phnom Penh music scene, he went on a hell bent recovery mission doomed with failure and at risk to personal safety to get the stolen items back.

Unbelievably he managed to recover the recordings through offering ‘a no questions asked’ reward in the streets around 136, Daun Penh, considered by some to be the den of iniquity. This happened during the week running up to Khmer New Year, which often sees a massive increase in theft. More to follow on the Night of the Iguana

Each of the artists has a Cambodian element – either a singer of musicians or is embedded in the contemporary Cambodian scene – as well as a fusion with Western influences, in this case Iggy Pop. We asked each act to pick their favorite Iggy song bearing in mind that half would have never heard of Iggy Pop, as a way to frame the project and throw out the challenge for our artists to record covers for this special compilation project – something that documents more than just a bit of social history here in Cambodia’s emerging arts scene. It’s also something that we decided to do in the year of Iggy Pop’s 70th birthday as a tribute to one of the more rock’n’roll’s most iconic figures – a made-in-Cambodia tribute to the life and times of James Newell Osterberg, Jr., known professionally as Iggy Pop.

“At the time we started on this venture, nearly a year ago, Iggy was already spinning The Cambodian Space Project on his own radio show Iggy Confidential so we approached him for his approval before getting underway on a project (that has been drastically derailed here and there) and got the go ahead” – Julien Poulsen

The tracks we are eagerly awaiting are:

  1. TV Eye – Prof Kinski featuring MC Lisha & Miss Sarawan
  2. Wanna Be Your Dog – Doch Chkae
  3. No Fun – The Schkoots
  4. I’m Bored – The Kampot Playboys
  5. Monster Men – Sou Sou Band
  6. Ann – Phnom Skor
  7. Funtime – Batbangers
  8. Wild One – Bokor Magic Mountain Band
  9. Gimme Danger – Nightmare A.D
  10. Candy – The Lunatics Have Taken Over Oscar’s Asylum and Srey Ka
  11. The Passenger – The Cambodian Space Project

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