Pestilence of Arrikhan Special

Paddington Robinson

25th September 2019.

Roots of extreme metal… A collection of classic genre defining death and black metal and some grindcore. Pestilence of Arrikhan starts at 10 pm every Wednesday on Kampot Radio. Give it a listen. Every tune is an amazing trip down memory lane…..

Roots of Extreme Metal.


Immortal Rites Morbid Angel
Find the Arise Obituary
Once Upon The Cross Deicide
Left Hand Path Entombed
Where Dead Angels Lie Dissection
I Am the Black Wizards Emperor
Freezing Moon Mayhem
Possessed Gorgoroth
Slay the Nazarene Marduk
My Dying Bride Sear Me
Hell Akercocke
Horrified Radiation Sickness. Repulsion
H.O.P.E. Brutal Truth
Raping The Earth Extreme Noise Terror
Stygian Tranquility Nuclear Death
The World Keeps Turning Napalm Death
Suicidal Tendencies Subliminal
Lack of Comprehension Death
Death Metal Possessed
Heartwork Carcass
Dead embryonic cells Sepultura
Nightmare Sarcófago
Massacra Enjoy The Violence
Pleasure to Kill Kreator
Witching Hour Venom
Entrails Cannibal Corpse

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