Pestilence of Arrikhan 6

Paddington Robinson

18th September 2019

Before we started Pestilence of Arrikhan, I heard Daz saying “paddy’s going to play an hour of Finnish death metal”. But it’s more extreme metal usually don’t play that much death really. And there’s been much more Icelandic and polish stuff. BUT.. the first wave of Finnish death metal was pretty amazing so tonight I give you…

The Sixth Pestilence of Arrakhan. DEATH: THE FINNISH LINE.

As usual warm up hour of more mainstream metal from 10 pm Cambodia time. The more extreme stuff from 11 pm.


Let’s Lynch the Landlord Faith No More
Tommy The Cat Primus
Punk It Up Infectious Grooves
Riot City Warrior of Time
Heavy Metal Is The Law Helloween
Midnight Shooter/Red Light Blues Löanshark
Caught Somewhere In Time Iron Maiden
Electronic Plantation Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine
Judgement Night Biohazard & Onyx
Tornado of Souls Megadeth
Mother’s Crawlers REIGN IN SLUMBER

Journey into Oblivion Slugathor
Black Vision Purtenance
Two Independent Organisms to One Suppurating Deformity Demilich
Musta seremonia Rippikoulu
Covered With Feces Excrement
When the Moment of Death Arrives Sentenced
Vision Beyond Death Stench of Decay
The Art Of Necromancy Ascended
The Book of the Worm Adramelech
Black Embrace Amorphis
World Without God Convulse

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