Asian Garage Underground 18 April 2019

Julien Poulson Thu 18th April 2019

Now, it’s very last minute… the way we’re working schedules over the Khmer New Year period… but I’ll be in the studio at Kampot Radio bringing you 2hrs of Asian Garage Underground, playing it by ear tonight and kicking off the show with some wild Japanese freak beat the rolling into Cambodian gold… all the while,enjoying some in studio banter and a few coldies with my esteemed colleague the Radio Chimp


THE KNOCKOUTS / (Aeba Suki Suki)
Come on and Sing (Soundflat Records) The Neatbeats
あさこ ゴーゴーダンス
虹色の湖 / 中村晃子とザ・ジャガーズ フルサイズ
Pen Ron Jup Krauper Charavan
Samouth & Pen Ron Bomram Kraumom
90’s khmer version LAMBADA
Pen Ron Tngai Sa’aek Ka Bong
Surabaya Dara Puspita
Liv Toek An Jernh Ram Soul (Dance Soul)
chhalia 1972 r. d. burman
khote sikkay 1973 r. d. burman
do phool 1972 r. d. burman
Down from the Mountain Cambodian Space Project
Monster Fuzz The Cambodian Space Project
5 Lady Cows (Prof. Kinski Remix) Cambodian Space Project
mina kava & the hellions
Ananda Shankar His Latest Flame
the savages 1969
the shadooks 1973
The Rats ‘Parchman Farm’
Rom Ding Dong The Cambodian Space Project
Youth Kampot Playboys
Whiskey Cambodia Cambodian Space Project
Mao Sareth LI: Jomreang Oun Chreang
Tet Somnang & Meas Samon LI: Khnyom Jah Karake
Oun Chong Rom Leng Ning Bong Ros Sereysothea
Secret Museum of Mankind ‘Sharyin, Sharyin Shoru’
Con Tim Và Nu?c M?t (Heart And Tears) Bich Loan & CBC Band
Jam 10 Kai Thiet (Wait 10 More Months) Ros Serey Sothea

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