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Julien Poulson is a Guest Presenter at Kampot Radio and brings his decades of experience and success from within the music industry and the arts. In the early days, Julien would call round to the station to help us empty the beer fridge and do the occasional interview.

These days, in addition to emptying the beer fridge and the odd interview, Julien presents The Asian Garage Underground unearthing rare gems of delight from around the globe, but with an Asian focus. When in Kampot, the show is often presented live to air, but he seems to be plagued with misfortune of technical drama’s beyond the stations immediate resolve, however since the show started in September 2018 many shows have gone to air.

Julien helped motivate the start of Kampot Radio with advice and support even before launch, with many a late night with the station owner and allowed us to field record his stage performances and festivals over the years.

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