Moto Mayhem V

New Olympic Stadium [Kampot]

Event info
Date: Sat 9th November 2019
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: New Olympic Stadium
Address: Kampot

Drag Racing Chalys, Super Cubs, Daelims, Waves, Wins and Dreams, up to and not above 125cc.
Moto Mayhem V Basic Rules and Conditions.

Entry is $1 per person, for spectators and racers.
No helmet no race! Safety first, thats why these races are closer to the hospital than Kampot.
Races are from a standing start and over a distance of 100m on a grit based, grass topped, Kampot Olympic approved track.
Entry for food stalls… First you have to race, then you can sell food on our turf (extra conditions apply).
Standard power units only, 4 stroke, manual or step through, no larger than 125cc. No two-strokes, automatics or renatals allowed. Standard classes of entrants are:
a. Standard under 100cc, Chalys, Monkey Bikes and Super Cubs (Maybe split into 50, 70 and 90cc categories).
b. Standard Daelim/Honda Dream I/II 100cc.
c. Standard Honda Win up to 110cc.
d. Modified Chaly, Daelim, Super Cub or Win up to 110cc.
e. Made up on the day.
f. Super mod, inc nitrous oxide injection, turbo, super charged and rocket propulsion.
g. Heavyweight for fat bastards (Maybe split into bodily cc’s).
Other just for the hell of it races…
2 up challenge. ECO challenge, how far you can travel with fuel tap switched off. Drink in hand, a one handed race with fluid consumption. Le Mons start, race to your moto and then race it. Blindfold, not for the faint hearted. Blindfold Le Mons start, white sticks allowed. Max number of people on a moto. Mr wet t-shirt, or the sweatiest bastard racing.
No prizes are to be won, it’s all for pride at the end of the day, but you can say, I was there!


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