Channthy Cha Cha Album Out Now!

Written by on Wed 26th February 2020

Album launch party postponed given the present situation, however the album is available for digital download on Bandcamp!

Channthy Cha Cha was a band put together by Kak Channthy, best known as lead singer of The Cambodian Space Project. This was a band that Thy fully managed, arranged rehearsals, gigs and kept the bongs together. For fans of Thy’s work many would flock to Channthy Cha Cha gigs to see her dynamic edge in full blossom!

One night in Phnom Penh in May 2017, Antti Siitonen (Joe & The Jumping Jacks) turned up to a Channthy Cha Cha gig at The French Institute in Phnom Penh with his field recording equipment. He went on to capture a memorable piece of history and now the only decent recording of the band.

We’ve waited until the time feels right to do something with this recording and that time is now. We’ve had the recording professionally mastered by Jason Shaw Music Production, album art designed by Erick Gonzalez (based on a photo taken by Steve Porte) and between Scott Bywater, others and myself we’re releasing 14 of the tracks on CD with 3 bonus tracks available for digital download. The album isn’t your standard polished studio recording. It is a live recording that captures the true essence of what Channthy Cha Cha and Thy was all about! Having said that Bong Scoddy did say off the record that his performance was a bit impaired by the decent free wine he was drinking.

The album will be released for digital download on Saturday 21st March with a special gig at Oscar Bar in Phnom Penh, which will see the band get back together with several accomplished Cambodian guest singers including Miss Sarawan, Srey Ka, Lisha, Srey Touch, Vanntin and more. All proceeds from album sales are going to the family.

We have also established a sister company, ‘Kampot Radio Records’ and this album will be our first release. This came about during the process of getting the album produced and we realised we are in a position to make a difference to some of the music out there in Cambodia that we think deserves that extra level of support.

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