Disco Revival
Cambodia’s Lost Genre

Written by on Mon 19th March 2018

Always with projects on the back burner, this year the Cambodian Space Project are to embark on a quest to fill in the gaps of an era of music that Cambodia didn’t get to be a part of – D.I.S.C.O!

We contacted the Chief Bongulator and Head Baboon of The Cambodian Space Project to see if he wanted to make a contribution to this article, he replied:

Just take the blurb off the end of the video, blurb chimp – Julien Poulson

One of the shortest-lived phases in American musical history, disco took the world by storm in 1977 and was declared “dead” just three years later

Flashforward to Cambodia 2018. The Cambodian Space Project embarks on a tour to remote villages with a sound system, a disco part and a mission to seek out Cambodia’s best dancers in a revival of the disco music of culture 1975 – 1980. A period of time when music was outlawed in Cambodia due to the Khmer Rouge Regime – Julien Poulson

With their sneak peak remix of 5 Lady Cows by Prof. Kinski (Dub Addiction), the Space Project wow us into an eagerly sought after tour and LP. Rumour has it they may also be getting their disco pants on to Boney M’s – Ma Baker!

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