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We have moved our listen again content and podcasts to our partner As of April 2020, courtesy of that nasty C word, all our financial support to the station stopped. To help us cover our running costs we’re now remodelled to take onboard subscribers and members. For a small monthly donation, not only are […]

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The Nightfly is one long charm bracelet, stringing together pieces and tunes and songs and records of all types along a particular theme or topic that may or may not be easy to pick

The Nightfly

Playing nuggets that weren’t quite hits but still tasty. Travelling through time and space. Across genres, places and eras. A mighty mashup including interviews with musicians

Kuiper Belters

Al Hicks spans the decades of punk, with a thirst for power punk. An exploration of the genre from the lesser known tracks, unsigned musicians to chart hits crossing continents

Get Punk'd

Like the curious mix of elation and shame you feel after breaking the nose of a French traffic warden. Paddy’s Pestilence of Arrakhan explores new releases from across the globe

Pestilence of Arrakhan

DJ Scamper settles down into his DJ console and brings you his mixes of uplifting house music interspersed with disco, hip house, Jack House with some classic soul and funk thrown in.

My House to Yours

Interviews. We interview musicians and people of interest regularly during our live presented shows. We also prerecord some too and also go out in the field to track people down.


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