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Kampot Radio is here to entertain and inform our listeners. We are based in Kampot, Cambodia, but you can tune in anywhere in the world you have Internet access

We have a diversity of shows playing a variety of genres. Throughout the day you can here live presented shows, podcasts and live recordings we’ve produced at venues in Kampot and across the country. Our content is in English

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We launched our website in November 2017 and are constantly working on keeping our content up to date and adding new material

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Angkor Pop!
Album Inbound

Since April 2017, 11 bands / singers from the cream of the Cambodian music scene have made a studio recording of an Iggy Pop track. Many of the recordings took place at Oscar Bar on Street 104 in Phnom Penh “I am totally down with what you want to do, so please consider that a […]

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Check out or Event Guide and find out what’s the latest events are that are happening in and around the Kampot area

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